The DÉFI Bible School is separated into 4 different terms during the year: the basic 6-month program that combines two trimesters of 3 months each, followed by a 2-3 week mission trip in April and a 3-week mountaineering Bible School during the month of August.


 Fall + Winter

SEPT 2024 TO MARS 2025


SEPT. 17 – DEC. 14, 2024

Specifics of the program:

– Outdoor activities and mountain sports in the Grenoble area

– One week outreach at Champfleuri or with partner organizations

DEFI Winter

JAN. 3 – MAR. 29, 2025

Specifics of the program:

– Winter sports (nearest ski station is 15 kilometers away)

– One week working with a team of counselors for a teen ski camp

DEFI 6-months

SEPT. 17 2024 – MAR. 29 2025

– en 2 fois 3 mois

– Outdoor activities and mountain sports in the Grenoble area

– One week outreach at Champfleuri or with partner organizations


JULY 2026

– 3 weeks in the mountains without amenities or any technology

– Bible teaching in the outdoors

– Athletic, relational and spiritual challenges

Several different types of courses are taught at DÉFI Bible School that look at various theological subjects:

> In-depth study of specific books of the Bible: 
Isaiah, Romans, 1-2 Timothy, Revelation, Hebrews, Acts, Galatians, Exodus, James, the Minor Prophets…

> Answers to concrete existential questions:
What is God’s will for my life? What does it mean that Christ lives in me? How do I interpret the Bible? How to read the Gospels? How to teach young people about the Bible?

> Doing in-depth studies of specific theological themes:
Evangelism, the Holy Spirit, Bibliology, Apologetics, Social Justice, Spiritual Warfare, the Church…


Each week different homework assignments will be given to students. The assignments are meant to encourage students to deepen their thinking based on assigned reading (the Bible and extra-biblical books). Students will also prepare book reports and will be asked to memorize Scripture every week. Students will also work in groups to prepare church services and youth group meetings.



Each student at DÉFI is asked to participate in community life each week. From washing clothes to washing dishes, but also cleaning different meeting areas, as well as general upkeep of the center… These tasks are always done joyfully and with a good attitude.

Music and the arts

DEFI Bible School is a place of self-expression and creativity. Music has a very important role in the program. Students are encouraged to bring their instruments and can participate in worship at the school, in local churches or during their free time.


One afternoon per week is dedicated physical activities where students can unwind, challenge themselves and do something different through sports. Champfleuri is in the foothills of the Alps and only 20 minutes from the nearest ski station (Les 7 Laux). This environment is perfect for mountain sports such as: hiking, jogging, rock climbing, biking, via ferrata, skiing, snow-shoeing etc… There is no shortage of possibilities for getting out in God’s beautiful creation for fresh air and fun!


Through local service missions, each student can learn to give of him/herself by living rich experiences of sharing. In the past, we have worked with the FEU (Foyer Évangélique Universitaire) in Grenoble, helping with the food bank, with Champfleuri for camps, but as well as with church leaders and church planters, with youth groups from the region and with Roma children.


Well-trained and passionate teachers speak each week at DÉFI in their respective areas of teaching expertise. Following are the profiles of some of the teachers that have come to DÉFI the last years: 

> Teachers from Torchbearers:

  • Damien REEVES – Director, DEFI Bible School and Champfleuri
  • Peter REID – Director of Torchbearers International
  • Steve VOLLE – Director Bodenseehoff, Germany
  • Daniel SCHULTE – Missionnary VIVIT – (Italie)

    > Pastors from Grenoble:

    > Renowned teachers and missonaries:

    • Léo MUTZER – Director SIM Switzerland
    • Thierry MIRONE – President IBG and Church Planter in Aix-les-bains
    • Fred MOLLOT – Speaker (Pontcharra)
    • Albert THERON – Evangelist from South Africa
    École biblique DÉFI